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Why Daily Disposable Contact Lenses Are Your Best Choice

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See why single-use dailies are so popular!

Contact lenses are the go-to type of vision correction for many people nowadays. You can enjoy sharp, natural vision – free of bothersome glasses! With ultimate comfort, clarity, and convenience – what’s there not to love about daily contact lenses? At Advanced Eyecare Center, our eye doctors fit many patients with contact lenses in our eye care centers in Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach, California, and we highly recommend daily disposable contact lenses as the best choice for most people.

Types of contact lenses

Daily disposable contact lenses are not to be confused with “daily wear” lenses, which must be removed and cleaned before sleeping. Daily wear lenses can be replaced weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, depending on the brand. In contrast, a new pair of convenient daily disposable contact lenses are inserted every morning and thrown away every night before bedtime.

In addition to disposable dailies and daily-wear lenses, there are quite a few types of contacts available, such as rigid gas permeable contacts and extended wear contacts. With these types, a variety of materials are used and you need to follow the replacement schedule instructed by your eye doctor.

Daily contact lenses optimize eye health

Even with so many different brands and types of lenses on the market, daily disposable contact lenses, also known as dailies, are often the healthiest, best option. They are considered the most hygienic option because you toss them nightly, with no need to disinfect or store them in special solutions. Each morning, you simply insert a fresh pair.

Because you restart your vision every day with a new pair of contacts, there’s no time for deposits or debris to accumulate on your lenses. Natural eye substances, such as calcium, lipids, and proteins can build up on contacts that you wear for longer periods. Airborne allergens can also stick to contacts, causing itchiness and swelling. Even with nightly cleaning, these deposits can lead to irritation and infection.

Dailies give top convenience

Gone are the days of removing your lenses, rubbing and rinsing them nightly. When you’re tired and can’t wait to get to bed, nothing beats simply removing your contacts and throwing them in the garbage. Also, they’re ideal for traveling – no need to pack bulky bottles of contact lens solution.

Cost of daily contact lenses

In recent years, contact lens manufacturers have developed new methods and materials, such as silicone hydrogel, for crafting high-quality dailies at a lower cost. This has brought down the price of daily disposable contacts significantly, making them a very affordable option. Also, even if daily contact lenses cost more than other types, such as monthlies, the higher price is offset by the fact you don’t need to buy any lens care products. At the end of the day, many people find they spend more money on their morning java than on their dailies.

Dailies come in many prescriptions

Once upon a time, daily contact lenses were only available for a narrow range of vision prescriptions. But now, they are made in most prescriptions, including toric daily lenses to correct astigmatism, multifocal designs to correct presbyopia, and even in colored lenses.

Are daily contact lenses best for you?

Visit our eye doctor in Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach, California, to find out more about daily disposables and how they can be the best choice of vision correction for your eyes and your lifestyle!

At Advanced Eyecare Center, we put your family's needs first. Talk to us about how we can help you maintain healthy vision. Call us today: 310-620-1345 or book an appointment online to see one of our Manhattan Beach eye doctors.

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