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What Are the Benefits of Wearing Scleral Lenses to Relieve Dry Eyes

Dry eye syndrome is nowhere near a rare phenomenon. About 5 million Americans over the age of 50 suffer from this irritating condition, complaining of itchy, stinging or painful eyes. The most common go-to for relief is usually artificial tears eye drops, but their effects are only temporary. For an alternative treatment that brings long-lasting relief, our eye doctors in Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach recommend scleral lenses for many patients. Our practice offers comprehensive scleral lenses fittings to ensure a perfect fit.

How do scleral lenses alleviate dry eye symptoms?

There are many benefits of scleral lenses for dry eyes, which often make them a better choice for patients than soft contact lenses. Let’s look at why:

  • Constant Moisturizing – scleral lenses are constructed in a way that leaves a gap between the eye surface and the lens, which is filled with a lubricating saline solution that constantly hydrates the eye.
  • Healthy Materials – sclerals are made from high-oxygen permeable materials that promote healthy corneas. Modern materials also improve wettability of the lenses and minimize irritating protein deposits.
  • No Corneal Rubbing – because they vault over the cornea and rest on the sclera (as opposed to soft lenses), scleral lenses don’t cause corneal irritation. Also, blinking causes your eyelids to rub against your cornea. But when wearing sclerals, a protective shield is formed between your eyes and eyelids.
  • Less Eye Drops – the need for applying lubricating eye drops throughout the day is minimized. But if necessary, eye drops can still be used to enhance comfort at night after removing scleral lenses.
  • Clear Vision with More Comfort – sclerals provide crisp vision as they protect and lubricate eyes. Redness and painful dry eye symptoms are reduced or eliminated.

Do dry eyes prevent you from wearing contact lenses, disturbing your daily life with painful eye irritation? Visit our eye doctor in Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach to discuss the benefits of scleral lenses and to book a scleral lenses fitting.

At Advanced Eyecare Center, we put your family’s needs first. Talk to us about how we can help you maintain healthy vision. Call us today: 310-620-1345 or book an appointment online to see one of our Manhattan Beach eye doctors.

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How Can My Child’s Myopia Be Corrected?

At Advanced Eyecare Center, we help children like yours achieve clear and comfortable vision, so they can succeed at the important things in life.

Methods of Myopia Correction

Contact Lenses

Contacts can be a great choice, especially for physically active children or teens who don’t want to worry about breaking or misplacing their eyeglasses. In some cases of very high myopia, contact lenses can offer clearer vision than glasses.

Corrective contact lenses are usually placed in the eyes upon waking and removed at night before bedtime. There are several types, including: soft contacts, daily disposables, extended wear, and rigid gas permeable (hard) lenses. Navigating through the differences between them can be daunting. Fortunately, if you’re located in Manhattan Beach our eye doctor will be happy to guide you. Speak with Dr. Hansen to determine whether your child is ready for contact lenses.

Prescription Glasses

Glasses are a popular choice among our younger patients. Choosing from an array of styles makes the process fun and exciting! Allowing the children to be active participants in selecting their eyewear increases the likelihood that they’ll actually wear them. There are strong, flexible and resilient frames which look great and are comfortable too.

The optician can customize the lenses with additions and upgrades like impact-resistant or shatter-proof materials, scratch-resistant and anti-reflective coatings, UV filters, and transition lenses that darken in the sun. For those requiring vision correction for distance and near, we also offer bifocal or multifocal lens prescriptions.

We Can Help Correct Your Child’s Myopia

If you’re located near Manhattan Beach, California, an eye exam with our optometrist can determine your child’s exact prescription, and give you the opportunity to receive answers to any questions you may have about your child’s eye health and vision. Progressive myopia, where a growing child’s prescription continues to worsen, is why it’s important for myopic children to undergo eye exams at least once a year.

At Advanced Eyecare Center, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to recommend the most suitable method of correcting your child’s myopia to meet his or her individual needs. Thanks to the wide range options available, your child will walk away with eyewear that will not only enhance his or her style but will also be a boost of confidence.

Let us help your child see the world in a whole new light. To schedule your child’s annual eye exam or if you have any further questions, contact Advanced Eyecare Center at 310-620-1345 today.

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