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Where Can I Buy Contact Lenses Near Me?

Benefits of buying contact lenses in Manhattan Beach & Redondo Beach

woman red hair hat 1280x853Nowadays, there are countless ads about how you can purchase contact lenses cheap from online sites. As you are bombarded with these sensational sounding advertisements, you are probably wondering – does it matter where I buy contact lenses? What are the advantages of buying contact lenses near me?

Yes, it does matter where you purchase your contacts! Our eye doctor at Advanced Eyecare Center explains the benefits of buying contact lenses in Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach:

Personalized Purchase Experience

Our caring optometrists are here to serve you and your visual needs. With our focus on patient

satisfaction, we provide first-rate service that considers your visual expectations and your lasting eye health. In contrast, online vendors exist purely to make a profit. When you buy your contact lenses from our Manhattan Beach optical store, you’ll be treated to a friendly, reassuring,and expert experience. From premium brand-name contact lenses to quality disinfectant solutions and eye care products, we are your one-stop shop for wearing contacts.

We are knowledgeable about everything related to contact lenses, including specialty contacts for hard-to-fit vision conditions, and we want to make sure you are pleased with your new pair!

Open Box Exchange

What happens when your vision prescription changes and you’re in the middle of a box of contact lenses? If you bought them from an online retailer or store located far away, then there’s nothing you can do but discard them. However, if you bought contact lenses near me from our Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach vision centers, then you’ll be able to exchange them for your new and updated prescription.

Real Rebates!

At first glance, the prices on many websites appear to be lower. Don’t be fooled. What many people don’t realize is that optometrists have a special business relationship with the premium contact lenses manufacturers. This unique agreement allows us to offer significant rebates to our Manhattan Beach contact lenses customers. Redeeming these rebates can translate into fantastic savings that make our final prices much lower and cost-saving.

Follow-up eye care for contact lenses

Regular checkups by a qualified eye doctor are essential to ensure that your eye health and vision quality is preserved. Although it’s safe to wear contacts, improper hygiene or poor fitting lenses can lead to problems. Usually, a thorough contact lenses eye exam is required every two years.

We offer eye exams and fittings for contact lenses in Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach. Our eye doctor will inspect closely for any bacterial, viral or fungal infections. Using high-tech magnifying equipment, we’ll also check your cornea for any abrasions or inflammation. If you experience redness or irritation from your contact lenses, contact our office immediately to book an appointment! A change in the material or type of contact lenses may be needed.

Now that the reasons to buy contact lenses near me are clear, we look forward to your visit in our Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach eye care offices.

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