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Beating Meibomian Gland Dysfunction with LipiFlow Treatment

Meibomian gland dysfunction is a medical condition that causes your eyes to get dry and uncomfortable. Studies show that over 85% of people with dry symptoms have MGD, which is likely the root cause for their discomfort. Thankfully, our optometrists in Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach can help you manage this issue. Contact us to learn more about how we utilize the latest FDA approved technology, Lipiflow, to manage MGD, help protect your tear glands, and relieve your discomfort.

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How Blocked Tear Gland Ducts Cause Meibomian Gland Dysfunction

MGD typically develops when your tear glands or their ducts are blocked and unable to provide lubrication with your tears. This kind of blockage occurs if bacteria or other items get in your gland and refuse to leave. It can also occur if extra skin grows over your glands.

Thankfully, optometrists in Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach can manage this issue with the use of LipiFlow treatment. Understanding this method and how it is used by eye doctors can help improve your dry eye symptoms and prevent MGD.

How LipiFlow Helps

Managing issue requires the use of a LipiFlow machine. This device uses what is known as Vectored Thermal Pulsation technology which applies gentle pressure and heat to your meibomian glands. The precise changes that it causes to your tear gland ducts help eliminate serious blockage and allows your eyes to produce tears unimpeded by blocked glands.

The Lipiflow treatment is a fast and easy procedure that is typically over in about 15 minutes and will help reduce blockage, inflammation, and symptoms. It can also eliminate early symptoms of this issue to ensure that it doesn't develop into a more serious problem. compress image (1)

Relief For Dry Eye Is Here

For most patients with Dry Eye, changing contact lenses, using blue light protection, and administering eye drops are not enough. Millions of Americans suffer from discomfort, and 86% of them are estimated to have MGD, which is likely the underlying cause for their symptoms. Lipiflow is the gold standard in treating the root cause for your dry eye symptoms. The process is fast and relatively pain-free, leaving your eyes feeling as they should. If you experience dry eye, trust our eye doctors in Redondo Beach and Manhattan Beach for the most advanced care for dry eye.

Minimal After Care

After your LipiFlow treatment is over, our optometrists will provide you with an aftercare regiment to reduce the reoccurrence of your symptoms. You can typically walk out of the office when you're done and go on with your day. In some instances, our Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach optometrists may keep you in the office for no more than an hour to ensure there are no complications. Our eye doctors goal is to reduce the severity and frequency of your dry eye symptoms so that you can feel your best, with healthy and happy eyes! What is Meibomian Gland Dysfunction? We Can Help!

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If you are experiencing dry eye symptoms such as dryness, gritty or sandy feeling, crusty buildup in the eyelid or corner of your eye, pain or discomfort, excessive watering of the eye, please contact us at Advanced Eyecare Center as soon as possible to schedule a dry eye consultation. Our eye doctors have extensive experience and the latest technology to see and feel your best!

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