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Blephex Or LipiFlow, What Is Right For You?

Eye problems can be very diverse and cause a variety of issues that are tough to manage. Two of these issues include Meibomian gland dysfunction or MGD and Blepharitis. If you are experiencing dry eye symptoms such as dry, crusty, painful, watery eyes, it is highly probable that the symptoms are caused by one of these two conditions.

Our Dry Eye clinic in Redondo Beach and Manhattan Beach, offer both Lipiflow for MGD and Blephex for Blepharitis, these advanced technology treatment options can provide fast and lasting relief for your dry eye symptoms by addressing the underlying cause of your discomfort.

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The Nature of LipiFlow Treatment

LipiFlow is designed to manage Meibomian gland dysfunction to prevent issues with your tear glands. It uses heat and gentle pressure to open blockages in your tear glands and helps keep your eyes well lubricated. It is estimated that as many as %85 of people with dry eye symptoms have MGD.

Managing MGD in this way keeps your eyes healthy and avoids serious complications that could cause a broader range of problems with your vision. Our optometrists in Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach provide this incredible treatment in less than 15 minutes.

How BlephEx Helps Your Eyes

Blepharitis is a problematic disease that occurs when bacteria overgrow on your eyelids. A healthy level of bacteria is normal but too much causes inflammation and film which can affect your tear glands and cause symptoms such as crusty eyelids, inflamed eyelids, redness, excessive tearing, and painful eyes.

BlephEx uses a micro-sponge along your eyelids and lashes to remove debris and exfoliate your eyelids in a healthy way.

Choosing Between These Two Treatments

When visiting your optometrist, it is important to have them test the root cause of your symptoms. The right diagnosis will ensure that the most effective treatment is recommended.

That being said, both of these treatments are designed for specific treatment needs. Therefore, it is important to know which one you want before visiting eye doctors. At our dry eye center, we use advanced technology for a comprehensive assessment of the health of your Meibomian Glands, as well as your eyelids. We also look for other potential causes of dry eye symptoms, such as poor tear quality and poor tear production. Our optometrists take the time not only to perform extensive testing but also to understand your lifestyle and when and how your symptoms appear. By properly diagnosing the underlying cause of your symptoms, our optometrists can recommend the most effective treatment plan for you.

Contact Us for Your Next Appointment

If you are debating between these two treatment methods and aren't sure which to pick, please contact us at Advanced Eyecare Center. We will schedule you in for a thorough dry eye evaluation which will provide our eye doctors with the information needed to recommend a treatment plan.

Contact us at our Manhattan Beach location by calling 310-321-6990 or ring up our Redondo Beach location at 310-373-3191.

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