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Advanced Technologies for Dry Eye Relief

man rubbing eyesThe expert team at Advanced Eyecare Center is pleased to announce that they now offer the latest technologies to treat dry eye syndrome in their offices in Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach, CA. The painful symptoms of dry eye can vary from patient to patient, and it is essential to address the cause of dry eye to determine the most helpful treatment. LipiFlow and BlephEx are two advanced technologies that can alleviate the irritating symptoms of dry eye by targeting the underlying root of this debilitating condition.

One typical cause of dry eye is Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD), which is a clog of the ocular oil glands that enable healthy tear production. The LipiFlow Thermal Pulsation System, by Johnson & Johnson, is a breakthrough dry eye treatment that unblocks the glands, thereby increasing the amount of oily, lubricating lipids in tears. Using Vector Thermal Pulse Technology, LipiFlow works by applying peristaltic energy and heat to the meibomian glands. Any blockages are liquefied and the glands open up. The painless in-office procedure is drug-free, FDA-approved, and takes only about 12 minutes.

Another common cause of dry eye is blepharitis, an overgrowth of bacteria that accumulates on eyelids – inflaming sensitive eye tissues and leading to painful dry eye. BlephEx removes the excess of bacterial toxins and biofilm that are primarily responsible for blepharitis. A specialized handpiece fitted with a micro-sponge is used to gently cleanse the tissue along the eyelashes line. Start-to-finish, BlephEx takes about 6-8 minutes, and it is pain-free. For the most effective results, BlephEx is generally repeated every 4-6 months, saving patients from spending hundreds of dollars on eye drops and topical prescription drugs.

Dry eye is an increasingly common problem, and people may experience a range of symptoms from mild to severe – such as redness, stinging, burning, a gritty sensation in the eye, blurred vision, and trouble with a glare at night. Wearing contact lenses without eye irritation may also become impossible. Without a comfortable and clear vision, one’s quality of life can be reduced dramatically.

“There is no better way to improve someone’s quality of life than to help them see better,” says Dr. Michael Hansen, of Advanced Eyecare Center. “And with these technologies in place, I can optimize and preserve vision at the highest level achievable.”

As a leading resource for the precise diagnosis and treatment of dry eye, Advanced Eyecare Center restores healthy eyesight to countless patients in the Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach area.

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