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Dry Eyes & Light Sensitivity

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Are you photophobic? Dry eye treatment can help

Chronic dry eyes are usually accompanied by burning, redness, grittiness, and hypersensitivity to light. This condition, called photophobia, doesn’t always occur with dry eyes – but it isn’t a rare symptom either. Many patients who visit our eye care centers in Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach, California, complain about light sensitivity when they suffer from dry eye syndrome.

What is photophobia?

Although the word photophobia technically means “fear of light,” this condition is really a sensitivity or intolerance to light that can cause uncomfortable or painful symptoms, including migraine-like headaches. The type of light is irrelevant, people can be bothered by sunlight, fluorescent, and incandescent light all the same.

Light sensitivity is not a disease. It is a symptom of another condition that can irritate the eyes, such as dry eye syndrome.

What’s the connection between dry eyes and photophobia?

A dry ocular surface has irregularities that scatter the light entering the eye, which may be a reason for the development of photophobia. Infection and inflammation can cause these corneal irregularities.

While scientists are not entirely sure which area of the brain causes and controls light sensitivity, recent studies also indicate that retinal disorders may be related. That’s another reason why we recommend visiting our eye doctor in Manhattan Beach or Redondo Beach, California – to make sure your photophobia not a sign of a more serious eye problem that requires treatment.

Treatment for photophobia

When photophobia is a symptom of dry eyes, the primary therapy goes to the root of the problem and involves finding the most effective dry eye treatment. Our eye doctor may therefore treat your problem with medicated eye drops, anti-inflammatory medications, drugs to trigger tear production, or even moisturizing eye inserts that release lubrication gradually into your tear film. By treating your dry eyes, we will be able to eliminate your light sensitivity.

Coping with photophobia

One of the best ways to manage this condition is to wear sunglasses! Check out our optical collection in Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach, California, to pick up a pair of sunglasses to match your style and needs. Sunglasses with polarized lenses can be a good option.

Rose-colored sunglasses are often most useful, because they help to block the blue light that causes the most discomfort when you have light sensitivity. Our eye doctors at Advanced Eyecare Center caution though, don’t wear your sunglasses indoors! Doing this can actually increase your eyes’ sensitivity to light. For the same reason, if you have dry eyes – avoid dimming all of your interior lights. Sometimes, gradually exposing yourself to more light can help improve the symptoms of photophobia.

Dry eyes with light sensitivity? Visit for an eye exam

Both dry eyes and photophobia can be very irritating conditions that reduce your enjoyment of day-to-day life. Sometimes, the pain associated with light sensitivity can become extreme. If you suffer from any symptoms of dry eyes or photophobia, book an eye exam at one of our optometry offices in Manhattan Beach or Redondo Beach, California.

At Advanced Eyecare Center, we put your family's needs first. Talk to us about how we can help you maintain healthy vision. Call us today: 310-620-1345 or book an appointment online to see one of our Manhattan Beach or Redondo Beach eye doctors.

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