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5 Reasons to Schedule Kids Eye Exams with a Pediatric Eye Doctor Near You

Many parents push off scheduling eye exams with a kids eye doctor until their child complains that they can’t see. Yet the truth is that kids tend not to complain – because they think that what they see is normal! They simply don’t recognize that there’s a problem with their vision.

That’s why it’s a huge mistake to rely entirely on what your child tells you when deciding whether or not to book a pediatric eye exam.

How do I know when to visit a children’s eye doctor near you?

So if you can’t depend upon what your kid tells you, you are probably wondering about the right criteria for scheduling a pediatric eye exam. Officially, all kids need eye exams on a regular basis, but there are a number of red flags that can point to a vision problem and the need to book an immediate eye exam. These include eye rubbing, squinting, moving closer to the TV or computer screen to see clearly, closing one eye to read, and holding text closer to the eyes. You may also notice that your child is not able to stay focused on anything for long and gets very fidgety.

These behaviors may result from vision changes and can appear at any age, but in general children who are destined to wear prescription eyewear don’t show signs of a problem until they are 7 years old, at least. Also, these behaviors can pop up quickly, seemingly out of blue.  As soon as you spot any of the above signs, book a pediatric eye exam with a qualified children’s eye doctor as soon as possible.

Why is it so important to visit a pediatric optometrist near you?

Our kids eye doctor reviews five reasons:

  1. Poor Vision Can Compromise Education

Vision can get in the way of academic success. If kids can’t see the classroom board or do the assigned reading homework, then they can’t do well in school – no matter how much they try. This can also lead to frustration with school and a general sense of giving up. Fortunately, a yearly eye exam can prevent your child from suffering the effects of an undetected and untreated vision condition.

  1. Boost Your Kid’s Self-Confidence

Children who see the world with blurry vision tend to be hesitant and insecure, especially when it comes to socializing. It’s difficult to feel confident when meeting new friends when you can’t see faces or read expressions clearly.

  1. Check for Computer Vision

Kids nowadays spend hours gazing at digital screens, and their eye health is paying a steep price. If your child wears prescription eyeglasses, he or she may need a different prescription for viewing a computer screen or specialized lenses to block blue light. Computer vision is a real condition that can lead to headaches and digital eyestrain, and our eye doctor for kids is experienced in treating this problem to relieve and prevent any visual discomfort that computers can cause.

  1. Raise Sports Scores

During school and after-hours, kids and sports are a team. However, playing sports depends upon having healthy depth perception and good hand-eye coordination. A thorough eye exam by a pediatric eye doctor near you will assess visual acuity and all parts of your child’s visual system, to ensure that he or she can see when to swing the racket or where to aim the ball.

  1. Convenient Eye Care

Why is it essential to locate a children’s eye doctor near you? There are several reasons, including to save time and to save money. When your pediatric optometrist is nearby, visiting for annual eye exams is as easy and convenient as possible. Also, who wants to waste time on traveling far if your child needs new eyeglasses, contact lenses, or any type of vision therapy?

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