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Anti-Glare Coating

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Your prescription glasses are your window into the world around you. So, why wouldn’t you want to make sure that your glasses are offering you the clearest, most comfortable vision experience at all times? Adding an anti-glare coating to your prescription lenses are a great way to do just that!

What is Anti-Glare Coating?

Anti-glare coatings are added to your prescription glasses or sunglasses in order to reduce glare from reflected light in your surroundings. This offers a number of benefits, from better-looking glasses, to more comfortable vision. Below are some of the many advantages of having anti-glare coating on your glasses:

You Look and See Better Without Glare On Your Glasses

Without anti-glare coating, sunlight, lights from sources in your immediate surroundings, and other people and objects are often reflected in the lenses of your glasses. This often causes others to be unable to see your eyes through your glasses, detracting from your overall look, and making it more difficult to see your eyes.

Anti-glare coating reduces these reflections, making it much easier for others to see through your glasses to your eyes, and connect with you personally.

Driving At Night Is Safer With Anti-Glare

Driving at night can be dangerous, especially with the glare of oncoming headlights from cars headed in the other direction. These lights can sometimes blind you to oncoming hazards in the road.

Anti-glare coating lessens glare from these sources as well as from streetlights and other light sources that can be distracting or blinding during the night.

Anti-Glare Coating Reduces Digital Eye Strain

Digital eye strain occurs when a person spends a long time each day looking at a digital screen. This can cause headaches, dry eyes and other unpleasant symptoms.

Glasses with anti-glare coatings reduce glare from these devices, making working and playing on them more comfortable for your eyes.

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Are anti-glare coatings worth the money?

Anti-glare coatings significantly increase the quality and comfort of your vision. Because there is less glare and reflection on both sides of the lens, more light is able to come through, making it overall easier to see. Most patients agree that anti-glare coating is worth it.

Can anti-glare coating help with sports?

Yes. During outdoor sports and activities, glare can greatly interfere with vision. That can mean missed shots and bad swings. reducing your performance in sports. Anti-glare coating reduces excessive light, provides you with visual clarity and increases your sports performance.

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