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Why Do My Contact Lenses Feel So Scratchy?

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People always rave about how comfy their contact lenses feel, as if there’s nothing there! So why are yours always aggravating your eyeballs? There’s a number of reasons why this could be happening. Our eye doctor in Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach discusses 7 of the most common causes:

1. Something is Stuck

To point out the simplest reason for scratchy contact lenses – something may be stuck on or under your lens. Flecks of mascara are a typical culprit.

2. Dry Eye Syndrome

When your eyes can’t keep themselves moist enough, a variety of symptoms can make a painful appearance. Scratchiness is a typical sign of dry eyes, and contact lenses will only worsen your discomfort. Visit our eye care center in Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach for diagnosis and soothing treatment.

3. Allergies

Any allergen, be it pollen or dust, can trigger your eyes to release histamines that cause scratchiness. Contact lenses exacerbate the problem because they trap the offensive irritant close to your eyeball.

4. Poor Fitting Contact Lenses

If your contact lenses aren’t sized correctly for your eyes, you’ll feel it.

5. Blepharitis

Blepharitis is basically a bacterial eyelid infection that’s pretty common. Symptoms include scratchy eyes and eyelids, swollen lids, stinging and crust along your lash line.

6. Corneal Scratch

A corneal scratch (abrasion) can fool people into thinking something is stuck in their eye. Generally, it causes scratchiness, redness, tearing, pain and light sensitivity. Placing contact lenses atop a corneal abrasion can ramp the irritation up a few notches. While most corneal scratches heal on their own, it’s best to be safe and get an eye exam in Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach.

7. Corneal Infection

When contact lenses aren’t worn according to schedule or taken care of properly, a dangerous corneal infection (keratitis) can result. Redness, scratchiness, pain and blurred vision are characteristic signs.

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