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Miyagi – Los Angeles Eyewear

We bring the latest styles in eyeglasses to Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach

Want to look timeless and trendy? Check out our new collection of Miyagi Eyewear at Advanced Eyecare Center! This entire line of contemporary frames is one-of-a-kind, harmonizing artistic color with striking accents, such as Swarovski crystals, leather, and natural-treated wood. Put on a pair of Miyagi glasses to be transported to the chic beaches and stylish hilltops of Los Angeles.

Blend of European fashion with LA style

In the words of David Sani, Founder and CEO of Miyagi, “In the heart of the City of Angels, trends come and go but style lasts forever.” That’s the perfect summary for Miyagi eyewear – these glasses go way beyond just being trendy - they also give Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach the attractive and classic allure of the latest styles.

Design is in the details

Key-hole bridges, smooth round lenses, ornate Swarovski crystals, gleaming paparazzi finishes, subtle metal inlays, deep swirling colors, and more. These are some of the accents you’ll see on Miyagi Eyewear. Why limit your face to squares, rounded edges, and rectangles? Try on a pair of cat-eye glasses or butterfly-cat shapes to really flash.


You’ll find modern frames that have a hint of retro, as well as elegant glasses that are also comfortable and casual. Miyagi eyewear is completely versatile; you can wear your glasses to the coziest get-together or the most formal, professional meeting.

No compromises on construction

In order to constantly promote the latest styles, Miyagi glasses are built to last forever. Every pair of frames is made from laboratory-tested metals and refined engineering, crafted with top technologies and hypoallergenic and biodegradable materials. Ultra-lightweight frames will feel great on your face – and still hold up to the heavy wear and tear of your active lifestyle. Altogether, top-notch craftsmanship helps to put Miyagi Eyewear at the top, as a strong international presence today and tomorrow!

Join your favorite celebs – choose to wear Miyagi

We invite you to visit our Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach, California, optical stores anytime to pick the perfect pair of trendy frames.

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