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7 Ways to Fight Dry Eye Syndrome at Home

woman by stone wall horizontalItchiness, redness, blurry vision, and sore eyes are typical symptoms of dry eye syndrome, from which a tremendous number of people suffer! If you are personally familiar with the discomfort and 1miserable experience of dry eyes, we have good news for you – our dry eye specialists can give you genuine relief. A range of dry eye treatment is available, and we’ll help match you with the best one for your unique eyes.

To get started with alleviating your painful vision, we recommend following these tips for dry eye care to help yourself:

  1. Change Your Environment

Turn off the fans or at least direct them away from your face. Make sure that a/c and heating vents aren’t blowing directly towards you. And invest in a humidifier to add moisture to your immediate surroundings. If possible, hair dryers should also be avoided. If your atmosphere has a lot of airborne irritants, such as smoke or pollution, we advise setting up an air filter too.

  1. Wear Sunglasses

While you can control your indoor environment, it is much trickier to control your outdoor environment. When outside – especially in blustery winds – wearing a pair of wraparound sunglasses will protect your eyes from the elements that can lead to dry eye syndrome.

  1. Blink Often

Not all blinks are created equal. When dealing with dry eye syndrome, we recommend taking the time to blink good and hard, with fully closed eyelids. This is the best way to help restore your natural tear film.

  1. Break Your Focus

When spending long periods using the computer or any digital device, it is important to implement the 20-20-20 rule:  about every 20 minutes, stop focusing on what you are doing, look up for 20 seconds, and gaze into the distance about 20 feet away. This will give your eyes a chance to rest.

  1. Rewet Your Eyes

Many people find that over-the-counter artificial tears eye drops are a beneficial method of dry eye care. Choose eye drops that are preservative-free for the healthiest way to soothe your sore eyes.

  1. Nourish Your Body

It is essential to drink a lot in order to keep your body well hydrated, which goes far towards keeping your eyes lubricated with tears. Eating vitamins such as Omega 3 has also been linked to eye health. In general, fish, walnuts, and flax are great sources of Omega 3s, or you can take them as supplements. Ask our dry eye care specialists in Manhattan Beach about special supplement formulations to maximize ocular health.

  1. Dry Eye Treatment for Your Eyelids

Using warm compresses on your eyes can open up blocked oil glands, which helps to enhance the composition of your tears.

Book an Eye Exam at Advanced Eyecare Center for Real Relief from Dry Eye Syndrome

Our friendly and experienced eye doctors in Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach, California will inspect your peepers with advanced technology to identify the cause of your dry eye syndrome. Once we have this information, we can custom-design your dry eye treatment.

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