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At Advanced Eyecare Center We Recommend Progressive Lenses

At Advanced Eyecare Center, our optometrist in Redondo Beach and Manhattan Beach provides a comprehensive eye exam for each patient. Our eye doctor prescribes stylish eyeglasses with your choice of options like an automatic shading feature, prescription sunglasses, and even progressive lens.

What Are Progressive Lenses?

Progressive lenses are one of the latest creations in optometry. These lenses take bifocals and trifocals to the next level. These glasses automatically alter themselves to adjust to different eyesight needs. For instance, these glasses change whether the patient needs to see up close or far away, and they do it without the patient having to do anything.

Progressive lenses provide patients with benefits such as only needing one pair of glasses rather than two and having to alternate for different activities. Though bifocals alleviate having to switch, not everyone does well with bifocals. In fact, it makes activities like walking up the steps difficult. It takes a while to get used to wearing bifocals. The progressive lenses relieve the need to get adjusted because they do the work for you.

Choosing Your Progressive Lenses in Redondo Beach and Manhattan Beach

Once you decide on progressive lenses, we help you take the steps to pick out the style, so you find one you feel confident in. We measure you, so you get a pair that is customized just for you. Although the most important aspect of getting glasses is being able to see clearly, we realize the pressures of society to look a certain way. We also understand people themselves want to look and feel good about their physical appearance.

We take the time with each one of our clients because we genuinely care. With high-quality products and a highly enthusiastic staff, we can't see why you wouldn't want us to help you see by finding lenses best suited for your needs, whether they're progressive or not.

To learn more about our recommended choice for lenses, progressive lenses, or to schedule an appointment, contact Advanced Eyecare Center today

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