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The Importance of Routine Retinal Photography

At Advanced Eyecare Center, our optometrist in Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach conducts a thorough eye health evaluation each time you visit our office. Our primary goal is to ensure the health of your eyes. One tool our eye doctor uses to search for eye health and overall health is routine retinal photography.

The retina is a layered tissue which lines the interior of your eye. It helps convert light into signals that are sent to the brain for further processing. We can detect many diseases by examining the retina using our Zeiss Cirrus HD Optical Coherent Tomography (OTC) machine. This procedure allows us to take “pictures” of your retina for the doctor to analyze. Some conditions our eye doctor might uncover include:

  • Eye Diseases: The ability to examine your eyes through retinal photos allows us to check for glaucoma, macular degeneration, and swelling behind the eyes, which might not be visible through a traditional examination.
  • Overall Health: Retinal photography not only allows us to detect diabetes earlier, it also allows us to assess the extent of any diabetic retinopathy. We are also able to assess levels of hypertension and cardiovascular disease.
  • Neurological Problems: As a conduit to the brain, many neurological conditions can often be diagnosed through evaluation of the retina. In some cases, changes in the eye structure may be the first signs of a brain tumor.

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